Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails

We were visiting my Dad and step-mom, Amy in San Diego for my birthday {hello 29!} and we stopped at a local toy shop to pick out a Christmas gift for Hudson. We stepped in the store and everyone immediately lost.their.minds. Matt was salivating over the Brio train table, my Dad was practically buying the light up fire truck and Amy was pining for a wooden walker toy. It was hilarious and ridiculous. Hudson just sat in his car seat look at as all like we were fools.

We finally regained our composure and settled on a baby band set and a shape sorter. Right before we turn to checkout I hear Matt say, “What about this?" and holds up a rat puppet. Before I could protest he shows it to Hudson, who LOVES it. Seriously. You can make the rat’s head move and he just lit up. Classic boy move. So the rat came home with us. His name is Remy.


I’m sure this is only the beginning of pockets full of rocks, muddy knees and other fun stuff!

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