One for the Ole Gipper

A few weeks ago we were itching to do something new so we packed up the trusty Elantra and headed to Simi Valley for a tour of the Reagan Library. I had never been to a presidential library so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was so great! As a bonus, they had a Disney exhibit on display. More about that in a minute. In the meantime, come along with us on a the two cent tour!


Matt looking very presidential. Nancy’s head looked even more disproportionally huge in person. The museum volunteer assured us that the statue was not to scale.


The Oval Office replica was pretty convincing! There were so many different things to see here. From the First Lady’s inaugural gowns to the White House china set to love letters via telegram between President Reagan and Nancy. It was very sweet! Our favorite part was the speaker’s podium with the POTUS seal. Obviously, Hudson looks right at home!


Fun fact, President Reagan’s first radio job was broadcasting an Iowa Hawkeye football game for $5! Both Matt and I were surprised that he worked at WHO radio in Iowa.

I think our favorite part of the museum was the Air Force One Pavilion. It was the actual plane used during Reagan’s administration. We were able to tour the inside but unfortunately, there was no personal photography allowed. You can take a video tour of the Air Force One Pavilion on the website here.


They also had helicopters and a history of the Secret Service and all of their different vehicles throughout the years. Very interesting!


After a quick stop for lunch we decided to take a break and get some fresh air. The Reagan Library grounds are really gorgeous. It was a little chilly and winter-y looking but still a great view!




After our outdoor break we headed to the Disney exhibit. It was much larger than I expected and really well done. The curators mocked up Walt Disney’s studio office and even his original drawing desk.


There was so much information and items from his early drawing career and how he got started. Matt and I loved it!


These are little models that animators use to draw all of the Disney movie characters we know and love!


An original drawing of the Disneyland park. Pretty neat!


One of my favorite parts of the Disney exhibit was the where they displayed costumes from Disney movies {think Enchanted, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland} and retired Disneyland ride equipment.


Johnny Depp must be teeny tiny! I know actors look bigger than life on screen but this costume was seriously small.


A model of the Pirates of the Caribbean ship. They actually used this in filming. Hudson was completely unaffected by the glowing dragon breathing smoke. Fearless I tell you!


So there you have it. Our whirlwind trip to The Reagan Library. We had a great time. It makes me want to visit Washington DC to visit all of the museums and exhibits. What’s your favorite museum/library/cultural center? Bonus points if it’s in driving distance for us!

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