5 on Friday

Yay Friday! We made it. In an effort to be the most slacker-y blogger I will be linking up with the 5 on Friday crew again. I promise I have more to share with you than a bullet point list of awesome but I’ve been crossing off to-do-before-baby things and Christmas stuff and Thanksgiving groceries and whoo-doggie, Hudson’s nap isn’t giving me enough time to get it all done. So, onwards!

1. GymPact// Have you heard of this app? My gal pal, Alexson told me about it. Essentially, you set your pact of working out x number of times a week and set your penalty for missing a day. I love it! I’ve made over $25 just for getting my booty out the door. I only bet $5 per missed workout (I’ve only missed out on one!) but it is enough motivation to get me to the gym.

2. ThredUp// Maybe I’m the last person on the internet to hear of this but holy cow, game changer! It’s an online consignment shop. They have a ton of cute stuff for cheap-o prices. I just picked up a few maternity shirts. PLUS, you can send in your old threds for cash. I just sent in my second bag of clothes in a fit of pregnancy induced nesting. Here’s a link to sign up (you get $10, I get $10).

3. Revlon// Is it just me or has this brand really ramped it up lately? Whenever I heard Revlon, I immediately thought of my Grandma. She loves a good red lipstick and I think they’ve cornered the market on that product. Smile I just bought some of their lip balm/stain that I love and their nail polish is giving my Essie polish a run for it’s money. Plus, it’s a steal! Our CVS was having a 2 for $7 promotion. Winner, winner!

4. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate// We were out early Christmas shopping last week and Matt ordered one of these babies for me at Starbucks. Y’all can keep your PSL, this is my holiday drink of choice. Target is selling it in packets too (Archer Farms Brand), just as delicious!

5. TV// We finally hooked our cable back up after a four year hiatus. Our cable plan came with HBO/Showtime for free for a few months. Holy cow. I’ve never been so unproductive. Newsroom has sucked me in! I feel like I’m power watching all of the past seasons of awesome shows. Homeland is next on my radar. So much TV to watch, so little time!

So that’s what has been tripping my trigger lately. I’m knee deep in advent calendar planning, birthday present perusing and my Dad is flying into town this weekend (Disneyland, here we come!). Hope you all have a fab weekend!

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One Response to “5 on Friday”

  1. Natalie Says:
    November 15th, 2013 at 6:17 am

    Oohhh you will LOVE Homeland! Seriously obsessed. It is so good! I must try out that app, too…..sounds risky for a lazy slacker like me though…. :) I already pay enough for the gym membership I never use haha! Have a fun weekend with your pops!!!

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