Two Under Two Tuesday: Week 2

Another week under our belt and feeling a little more confident juggling two kids. Although yesterday I got served up a big old slice of humble pie. It was my first day solo parenting. I was feeling pretty smug about our day. I managed a shower, wrangling both kids to Hudson’s music class, I made dinner and even cookies with Hudson for an afternoon activity. Everyone was alive and happy when Matt arrived home = miracle in my book. During dinner Hudson was particularly whine-y and was picking at his food. We figured he was getting a little annoyed since I was feeding Harper instead of eating dinner with him. Matt took him upstairs to play and get some alone time. Five minutes later – cue the shouts from the bedroom: “he just threw up!”. He seems to have such a sensitive stomach. He’s had a few incidents like this in last few months. No fever, he just throws up and then boom, back to normal. So we spent the rest of our evening on puke patrol instead of congratulating ourselves with a well done first day.

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Lessons Learned:

Get out of the house! This was huge for me when Hudson was little and still rings true. All dire situations seem a bit more manageable after a little fresh air. I’ve taken them both to the park in our sweet ride and scheduled Hudson’s mommy and me classes and playdates to keep us busy and out of the house in the mornings. Bonus: everyone has a better nap!

Breastfeeding is easier…and harder. I feel so much more confident feeding Harper since I already had over 13 months of experience under my belt (err, bra?). It’s just been frustrating since I know how to breastfeed but she still learning. I had forgotten that newborn feedings can take up to an hour and apparently both of my babies are lazy eaters in the beginning. I have to strip her down and keep her awake to get in a full feeding. I’m trying to remember my own advice, the first six weeks are the hardest and then you’re smooth sailing!

photo 2

Mom Hack: Maybe I’m the last one to this stupid-easy trick but I just added a changing station downstairs (by changing station, I mean a little box of wipes, diapers and changing pad shoved next to the couch). It’s been life changing. No running up the stairs with one baby while the other is left to their own devices. Hudson feels super important tossing Harper’s diapers in the trash and the subsequent squirt of antibacterial gel.

This week I’m really trying to get our schedules worked out so everyone is a happy camper. I’m pretty sure that means me getting up earlier (boo!) but I think we’re on the right track!

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One Response to “Two Under Two Tuesday: Week 2”

  1. Elizabeth Says:
    January 31st, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    GIRL, I was popping by hoping for some sort of update and can’t believe you were able to get 2 posts up already! Go you! I know you are kicking ass at the two kid thing, and can’t wait to steal all your sage advice when we decide to embark down this road ;)

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