Two Under Two Tuesday: Week 4

Week 4 was a whirlwind of fun here, hence the lack of updates. Cousin Isabelle (and Aunt Brooke) came to visit for a few days. I’m not sure if they came to visit us or just to escape the polar vortex. SmileEither way, we’re glad they stayed. Hudson used Isabelle’s visit to perfect his shouting ‘no’ and ‘mine’ at every available chance. When they weren’t stealing each others sippy cups and toys they really played well together, which gives me hope for the future!

We spent their visit here soaking in the sun, visiting the beach and just hanging out around here. It makes me wish we had family living closer to us.

Hudson & Isabelle Collage

Brooke and Isabelle left on Thursday and Matt’s parents arrived on Friday to meet our newest addition and spoil Hudson rotten. They were a huge help getting up with him in the morning and distracting him while I was busy feeding Harper.


They also babysat for us one night so we could sneak out for dinner sans babies. We tried out a new neighborhood bistro and it was pretty great! We even splurged on dessert. Basically, they spoiled us all and we were sad to see them go. Especially Hudson, since I have not been bringing the entertainment factor he’s been used to!

This week we also found out that Harper does have hip dysplasia and has to be in a full body harness for six weeks. We love the orthopedic doctor we’re seeing and will be seeing him every two weeks for an update on her progress. Fingers crossed that this brace fixes her right up since she looks absolutely pitiful in the brace.

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One Response to “Two Under Two Tuesday: Week 4”

  1. Andrea Says:
    February 21st, 2014 at 6:59 am

    So impressed you find time to post any updates with two under two! Definitely enjoy your sunshine, we’re desperate for spring in Iowa!

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