Two Under Two Tuesday: Week 12

Maybe I should go ahead and change the title to 2 under 2 update whenever the heck I feel like it. Like I said in my last post, I think we’ve finally hit our stride juggling two babies. Harper is finally sleeping through the night consistently (9:30 pm – 6 am). I love Baby Wise + SwaddleMe wraps. I’ve been telling all of my mama friends who are knocked up with number 2, it’s totally doable and dare I say getting fun? I’m sure they appreciate my words of encouragement.


We’ve been hitting up Hudson’s classes in the mornings and/or the park, home for lunch and naptimes and then more play time before dinner. Maybe I’ll whip together one of those ‘day in the life’ posts. I’m sure it will be a thrilling read for you all. I’ve also taken up drinking coffee like a grown up. The first time I brewed a pot of coffee for Matt and I to share was probably the best day of his life. <— words straight from his lips. Apparently, he’s been dreaming of slugging down coffee and raising babies together.


We have an ortho appointment for Harper’s hip tomorrow. She’s still in the brace, hopefully she’ll be done in a few weeks. Her left hip is perfect now, we’re just waiting on righty to catch up.

In other news, our not so trusty travel swing bit the dust last weekend (see duct taped evidence above). We headed to Buy Buy Baby and splurged on a Mamaroo. That thing is the shiz. We also bought the Breeze playard. We justified the price since that will be Harper’s bed sweet bed for the foreseeable future. Hudson’s not ready for the big boy bed (re: I’m not ready for him to be out of his cage) and girlfriend was growing out of her cradle. PLUS, she slept 9 hours the first night we had it. Coincidence? I don’t care, I’ll take it!

I’m working on Hudson’s 2nd birthday party (what?! Can’t believe it). We’re doing a camping theme minus the sleepover part. Should be fun! Alrighty kids, that’s all I’ve got this week!

PS- No affiliates posted, I just linked because I love you!

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One Response to “Two Under Two Tuesday: Week 12”

  1. Melissa Says:
    April 22nd, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    If I have a third I need to do the baby wise. 6 months in and baby girl is still up every 3-4 hours. I’m dying and so jealous of your sleeper!! :)

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